Saturday, 2 November 2013

Greentext thread (because im lazy)

Today I'm blogging from my mobile, meaning im too lazy to post real content.
Because of this ill blog about events yestetday in 4chan >greentext format (without the green)

>Be me yesterday
>Be on Scarborough train
>Be busy, you sit where you can
>7/10 qt3.14 sits next to me
>Instant aspie
>My phone's dead,playing Phoenix Wright 5 (visualnovelfag)
>Downloaded it last night cause I knew I had a long train journey
>Stumped on courtcase, scratching head in confusion
>"You have to present X at Y"
>Look to the left
>qt3.14 is talking to me
>"That is dual destinies, right?"
>Gets out 3DS, boots up Phoenix Wright 5
>We pretty much play AA and talk about AA and other otaku culture for 2 hours
>tfw got her number
>tfw she texted me first
>mfw everything went better than expected