Monday, 19 August 2013

People calling me out on my taste in music

I was on the internet the other day in surfing on some forums when I saw this thread called "Music Thread NO TECHNO ALLOWED!!! >:("

The idea was that you posted 10 songs that you like, but you couldn't post techno music which meant I couldn't post Industrial metal (a ball of wibbly wobbly Techno Rocky stuff)  so i posted 10 songs that I liked. 

And everyone sent me PMs laughing at me! (Here's the forum if you're intersted

Now just for the record my taste in music is anywhere on the spectrum of Rock (So thats anywhere from rolling stones down to about As I lay dying or Turmion Kaitilot) There are also cool little sub genres too, some more known like punk and some more obscure, like industrial metal. Im also abit fond of some techno type music (but not wubstep) 

So later that day people are talking to me on skype and my phone rings (sales call) and after Id messed about with the girl on the other end abit people start laughing at my ringtone (from where it starts to about 1:35) They told me I should listen to something more "hardcore like Slipknot, or Skrillex (Blasphemy!) I'm sad :'( I'm not a hipster by any stretch of the imagination, I just don't like what's on radio 1 right now. If I want to live in the past and listen to songs from 1995 I say I deserve that right >:(

Also sorry about the whole 2 week hiatus thing. I've been writing this post for a day now