Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fun times ahead for me

Ah christ.

So yesterday the house phone was ringing. I answered it (as you do). Itt was my Auntie Claire. She'd like to stay from the 17th-19th. Mum takes the phone and says that's fine.
So a few Hours later the phone rings again. Uncle Clifford. He'd like to stay from 16th-23rd. Mum thinks about it and says "Yeah, that's fine." End of conversation.

Meanwhile I'm sat in the corner trying to wrap my head round this and trying to see if I can try and work out some kind of sleeping plan.

But then where everyone was going to sleep kind of dropped in relevance when I realised something.

5 Geordies.
In one house.
Most likely drunk.

I can't do it.
I mean, It isn't personal, they're all very pleasant people. But they're Geordies. That's, like, a BIG thing. Imagine how incomprehensible and loud people are when drunk and treble that.

Eck. I think one of those days is exam results day (double Eck) so maybe I can make a day of that and be out for a few hours  

Ah Christ.