Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rules of Texting (Ketp'cha waiting, huh?)

I think its been a few weeks or something. I've been lazy and away.
I also have a cold which is making this  a bit hard to write but I'll press on.

SO. My "rules of texting". These are a simple bunch of rules I follow in order to make texting fast and efficient. I used to dwell on what I would write for long periods of time, typing out several potential drafts in order to prevent my self from sounding like an idiot.

1.Commit to what you've typed 
Once I've written a text, I send it. No going back on what I've put. This way I'm honest (the best policy!) and saves a lot of thinking time, however it also means I could put something stupid or offensive. That's where No.2 comes in.

2.Add a smiley if you are being friendly 
Now, really this is a bit stupid. However, I just feel my messages are a little more welcoming if I throw in a :) or :3. For example:
"You're going to pay for that."
"You're going to pay for that ;)"
I think meanings and intentions are hard enough to convey through talking on the internet or through SMS anyway, so a little emoticon I think just shows that I don't mean any harm. Many a time I've regret putting something without a smiley in order to show that what I put was light-hearted.

3. 1 Word answer=Back off 
If someone sends me a 1 word answer (K, Ok, thanks) that means the conversation is over. Either leave it there if its an SMS or wrap it up if its an IM. I wouldn't want to harass anyone and make them hate me because I'm some highly dependent clingy koala type creature. Also saves me money on texting.

Right I know it's been a shorrt one but my head is all fuzzy, so really you should double or even triple what I've written here in order to see how much effort I've put in.