Monday, 8 July 2013

British houses are useless

It's too hot.

I'm currently sat in my room trying to keep cool, and I'll probably remain here for the majority of the day.
My room is sporting a black and grey theme with blackout curtains and a wide opening fire-escape window, making it easily the coolest room in the house.

British houses aren't built for this weather. Although when you think about it...they aren't built for cold weather either.

In cold places, like Alaska, houses have triple glazed windows and are built with logs and other 'warm' materials. This level of insulation keeps heat from getting in or out.

In hot countries, like Spain, small houses are built with dry matter to keep the heat out. They have high letterbox windows in order to allow a constant through draft.

Our houses however...aren't built for anything. We have insulation which is O.K. at best and large windows to allow lots of (hot) sunlight in. In summer I wake up sweating and in winter I wake up shivering.

That said, I'd rather be cold than hot. Being too hot makes me uncomfortable.

If this continues I'll have to go get my Dreamcast and hook it up to the porta-TV in my room. But hopefully it won't come to that because I don't want to delve into the spaghetti junction that is my 'spare cables' box.