Sunday, 7 July 2013

Confused with my opinion on sport

I don't get it.

Normally I detest sport. It takes up precious prime-time TV airtime and is boring.
However, this week I watched the Lions beat the Wallabies, saw Murray win at Wimbledon and watched the German GP.
What's happened to me? I still despise football obviously, but this is highly OOC. I'm a particularly...lazy person. The effort i put into being uninvolved in sport is incredible. Yet, here I am still amazed by the rally between Murray and Janowicz.

On Friday when I walked in on the men's semi-final I asked Mam "How does anyone find this...exhilarating?"
Well don't I look like the idiot now.

Also, on a side note I found one of my pseudo-scripts kicking about in my room this morning for a video I edited the other day. Tried to copy it up the best I could so you could undersand what I mean by 'writing a script'

  • ear rape @ start
  • elmo killed by balls
  • guy in blue room is antichrist 
  • giygas chroma'd onto blue screen 
  • alternate ending
  • sonic CD < rest is Illegible> 
  • ball channel censored
  • that's Ball folks 
  • Warner copyright block capitals 
  • inception horn? 
Sorry its a short post, it's too hot to focus on anything