Monday, 1 July 2013

Trolling: What the media think I'm doing VS What I'm actually doing

I was just surfin' the tubes, when this wild advert appeared:
It made me kind of laugh. All the internet stuff was there. But some things about this video were...inaccurate.
First of all, a dead parrot does not equate to rule 34. If you you want to know what rule 34 of the internet is...I'll let you  find out for yourself.(NSFW)

Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is that this advert and most TV shows try to tell you that Trolling=Cyberbullying. It does not. 

Trolling is a reward for stupidity. For example, a young girl on youtube acts in a provocative manner. A username "pedobear" comments "This is my favourite youtuber, please come visit me!". This is trolling. 

Imagine a girl gets an offensive message from someone else because she is 16 Stone and 13.99 pounds. This is cyberbullying. She commits suicide, the media hear about it and 4chan becomes a terrorist organization in the eyes of millions. 

Serious trolls try to distance themselves from these, what we would call, "mainstream trolls" who are basically 12 year old girls who send abusive messages like "lol kill urself" or "ur ugly" to unsuspecting twitter accounts. Maybe they saw a funny rage comic, maybe they just want a scapegoat to make people feel bad. The point is, in a battle of wits with a real life troll they would last under a minute. I dread to think what would happened to them if they stepped foot in /b/.

>Is not a cyberbully
>Sorry to any innocents who looked up R34 
>I don't look up R34 
>I forgot I had a blog, OK