Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What I did Today

Ive just finished uploading my latest youtube video...for the 4th time.

The intention was to upload a lets play of Chicken Run for the Dreamcast.

Id recorded it edited the commentary in and started uploading it.
It turned out that the file was 5 GB in size (that's big) and I couldn't be bothered to upload something so large.
So I compressed it to around 1GB (that's smaller) and uploaded that, which still took about 2 hours.

The video was then removed as the game contained clips of the film, and this makes sense.
So I edited out the copyright material, started uploading the video.

So I compress the video again and now here we are. I hope it's ok. I also made the thumbnail myself which I think is pretty cool.
If you'd like to watch the video (I'll love you forever) you can see it here. It's a long one, sorry.