Saturday, 22 June 2013

My hospital experience

Last night I was sat around watching some hospital TV show about some guy who had sustained an Injury.

"That's bullshit....Nah, surely they wouldn't do that....Why are they giving him anaesthetic for an Angio? "

I was thinking about how much I remembered from being in hospital. Get ready for a post of MGS4 ending proportions. And there won't be any gore or disgustingness either.

It first started of a few days before I was admitted to hospital on the 28th of December '06. I had a really bad migraine; think of the last migraine you had and amplify it by 3 or something. The next morning I kinda woke up with the back of my head really hurting, lying in a pool of my own vomit. Then I blacked out again.

The black out felt ike it lasted half a night's worth of sleep. I heard an Indian doctor warning me of a sharp scratch at one point, which I didn't feel. He did it again, but it hurt this time. Bastard...

Then I woke up. I didn't question where I was, what was happening or who anyone was. Turns out it had been 2 weeks. Had I been under for 2 weeks? My mum comes back from the canteen or something and doesn't question why I'm awake. Turns out I'd been around for the past 2 weeks. I can remember recognizing that this was like my "first day" awake but that I knew what was happening.

It turns out they had already found my aneurysm and I had bled twice (I was actually 1 bleed away from death, fun fact for you there).

Actually, I think I did die at one point.
I was having a dream where I was climbing a beanstalk. At the top there was a castle. A man invited me in to eat some food. While I was eating, the man says;: "Look, its not time for you to be here yet. Someone else has come instead. You can go after you've finished eating. I climbed back down the beanstalk and not a second after I had placed my foot on the ground beneath the beanstalk I woke up. That afternoon my granddad in another hospital passed away.

Now, I'm not going to shove any religious claptrap down your throat. I will say that I wasn't on any trippy drugs at the time, or not according to my med record. I usually refuse to comment on the religious value of this experience when I get asked about it.

So after I just had CTs, MRIs Angios, the normal stuff. Eventually one day they come up to me and say:

"Right. We need to get it out."

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Brain surgery is very dangerous. I'm not scared of death; I'm only 9 after all, I am scared of not being able to walk. When I asked the doctor if I would be able to walk he simply replied "We don't know yet."

Turns out the surgery they're going to be performing is experimental. They use platinum coils to tie off the busted artery and it stays there. Now people always die during experimental surgery. Only 3 or 4 people have had this surgery performed (that's including me) and last time I checked one of them died under anaesthetic.

Now all of this aside, I'm going to die anyway and I'll just have the form signed by my parents or become a ward of court regardless, so I gave them the green light.

Now when I woke up first thing I thought was that I felt sick (I threw up into my oxygen mask shortly after), second that I was alive (relief) and third that I could move my legs. I heard a women say "He's come too." Dr. Godard walked in and congratulated me on surviving. I congratulated him on developing a new form of surgery. He's holding a tape in his hand.

"I wanted to show you something amazing. You shouldn't be thanking me, you should be thanking the intelligent being that is your body."

So I sat up to watch the tape and saw something amazing. Seconds after they had completed th surgery, a new artery stemmed from the old one. It was incredible! I don't know why this happened, but I'm extremely thankful of something. Again, not going to comment on the religious aspect.

After this, I was still in hospital for 2 months.  I got some pretty sub-par illnesses, bacterial meningitis and
papilledema, that kind of stuff. I also found out I'm allergic to cefotaxime.

And I THINK that may have been my longest blog post yet. It'll make up for the days I've missed.  

Tl;dr version: You need to go back to the start and read this.