Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Whats happening right now

Over the past 2 days I haven't updated the blog like I said I would. On monday I'd had an exam and couldn't' be arsed (Woo, last exam) and yesterday was my Birthday (Woo, birthday) and I couldn't be arsed.

Its weird to think that my life has pretty much no meaning now. My biggest priority is updating this blog (and we've seen how well that's gone)

Sometimes I wonder why I'm here and have big philosophical thinking tangent mabobs (can you tell I'm tired?)  and just sit for hours on end thinking about everything and anything.

OK, I'm going to wrap his one up before I start rambling.  I'm very unmotivated at the moment. Maybe I'm in a bad mood. Maybe I need a good sleep. Who cares, I like being unmotivated its fun because I dont have to do anything.
Christ I hardly used any grammar in this