Thursday, 20 June 2013

My summer/rest of the year/lifetime project

OK, first of all when I switched on the TV this morning, my TiVo had a message for me. It said that after studying my recent viewing history, it will now record all episodes of Dog, Ghost Hunters an Storage wars. Win! 

Anyway, I digress
I've decided in the future there are 4 sectors I would like to go into, I'm just not sure which yet (those being Medicine,Law,Real Journalism or Film)  

The other day I finished writing a (shitty) script. I'd been working on it for a while (a big while) but to due to my lack of will over the past 2 years...meh. I've wanted to start a more serious video project for a while, as opposed to the average brain fart I usually churn out. This hasn't gone very well though, as you can see by this poorly constructed text Check-list 

  • Script [x] 
  • Revised script [ ] 
  • Actors [ ]
  • Camera person [ ] 
  • Camera [Somewhat] 
  • Willpower [ ] 
  • Money [ ] 
SO as you can see, this isn't going very well. Still, maybe I'll get it done one day. Maybe...